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Guohua Pilot
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Guohua Pilot

Mr. Zhao Shuyan, Chairman of GTC Board of Directors and Chief Engineer, is an outstanding expert in China coal prep industry.  His characteristics can be generally listed below:
♦  A Pioneer for Innovative Coal Prep Technologies - For example,
    a)  the Non-Desliming and Non-Classification Gravity-Fed 3-Product HM Cyclone Separation Technology;
    b)  the SDMC Fine Coal Cyclone, which is another masterpiece of coal prep technologies;
    c)  the innovative two state-of-the-art coal prep circuit modules (the“11” Coking-Coal Prep Plant Module and the
         "22"Flotation Clean Coal Dewatering and Fine Refuse Treatment Module. 
    The extensive application of these technologies is an important indication that China has led in coal prep 
    technology in the world.
♦  A Steerer – He has correctly grasped the direction towards market-oriented economics, led the company moves
    forward in fierce competition, and recorded multiple glories.
♦  A highly Experienced Engineer - He often works at job-sites to engineer the projects scene investigation and
    trouble-shoot problems.
♦  A Rigorous Scientific Researcher - He often has in-situ investigation for trouble-shooting, does research in lab or
    pilot plant, and validates engineering drawings and data in design offices.
♦  A Productive Inventor - In addition to the Gravity-Fed 3-Product HM Cyclone, he has numerous patented inventions.
♦  A Successful Businessman - Under his leadership, GTC has grown up as one of China most successful
    enterprises in one decade.

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